10 Hardest hikes in the world

The world’s remote landscapes cannot be seen by mountain bikes or even helicopters. These sacred places, definitely not a walk-in park. We’ve listed some of the hardest hikes in the world.

A lot of preparation, bravery, and special types of equipment make these hikes a success. These unbelievable adventures hike not only hard but also ultimately rewarding.

1 Mount Hua Shan, China

Near to Huayin city
Hiking and Photography
Hike length: 13.6 miles, covering all five peaks of the mountain
Best visiting time: April to October

Mount Hua Shan plank trail on the south mountain is also known as the world’s most dangerous hike. There is no official statistics of death but according to the rumors, 100 peoples per year died here.

Rusty chains and the absence of wood planks make this hike the hardest. Any error in the judgment is likely to be the last move for you.

You have to encounter vertical staircases. Avoid the tour guides because they are not very professional. The most popular and traditional route is called Green Dragon Ridge.

2 El Caminito del Rey, Spain

Near to Ardales town in Málaga province
Activities: Hiking and climbing
Hike length: 4.9 miles (approx.)
Best visiting time: Whole year but opening and the closing hour is different in winter and summer season.

El Caminito del Rey is also known as Little King’s Path. One piece of advice for you is to book tickets in advance. The boardwalk is 100m above the Guadalhorce Reservoir. You enjoy breathtaking views at every turn.

The path was re-open in 2015 after restoration. This steel and concrete path was built 100 years ago to help the workers on a local hydroelectric plant, but now this place is the destination for adventure seekers.

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3 Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa

Near to Kwazulu-Natal
Activities: Hiking, Camping, Mountain biking, Rock climbing
Hike length: 130 miles 14-day hike (approx.)
Best visiting time: Throughout the year

Snow, wind, mud, and Intense hills, are waiting for you on this hike. The chain ladders take you to the ridge. Animal footprints and tracks at the top will get you going the right way.

There are no checkpoints, no facilities, and no markers you have to be fully prepared. Also, be aware of the thieves you must have to be self-sufficient on this hike.

But the breathtaking views of the sunrise over landscapes, waterfalls, and stop at the Amphitheater rock cliff make your hike unforgettable.

4 Everest’s Base Camp, Nepal

The hike starts from Lukla.
Activities: Trekking
Hike length: roundtrip 80.7 miles (11-14 days)
Best visiting time: Feb-May and late Sep-Nov

The view from the top of Mount Everest leaves the hikers speechless. It is one of the most challenging and rewarding hikes on the planet.

The challenging terrain of Mount Everest includes up steep, uneven climbs, snow-packed mountains, icy trails, bad weather, and avalanches.

However, you will find accommodation every night of the trek. But before even attempting it, you must be super-fit.

5 Snowman Trek, Bhutan

The hike starts from Gunitsawa Village, Paro Valley, and ends at Duer Village, Bumthang.
Activities: Hiking
Hike length: 216 miles (25 days)
Best visiting time: June to October

In Bhutan, the Snowman Trek is the longest hike. It is the hardest hiking trail because of its duration, altitude, and hard weather. There is a 50% failure rate, so be prepared for a big challenge.

The view is outside of the world you will pass through valleys, snow-covered mountains, and dense forests. Before making this journey do your research because the pass is closed in winter due to the snow.

This hike is known as the most epic and difficult in this world. Every year people climb Everest more than the Snowman Trek because of their length.

6 Kalalau Trail -Kauai, Hawaii

Activities: Hiking, Camping (permit required)
Hike length: 11 miles one way
Best visiting time: June-August (peak time), December-February (less crowded)

The trail has had countless accidents and taken many lives. The Kalalau Trail along with the Na Pali coast is considered the most spectacular in the world.

Lots of rain, falling rocks, thick mud, and flash floods are the common occurrences in this area. There are no facilities during the hike, so carry your water because the sun is strong.

One misstep sends you to the thousand feet below into the ocean.

7 Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea

The hike starts from Ower’s corner and ends at Kokoda village.
Hike length: 37 miles (10 days)
Best visiting time: Dry season from April to October

You’ll go deep into the Owen Stanley mountains’ heart. Where the sunshine is blocked by trees and the humidity is very high. There are also threats from tropical diseases.

Despite the threats, it is also a real adventure with only a single log crossing, rainforest, and stunning views everywhere. Along the way, you will pass through some villages the people are happy to see you and will be very welcoming.

8 Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Activities: Hiking and Wildlife watching
Hike length: 30 miles (6-7 days)
Best visiting time: January-March, June-October

There are some routes to Mount Kilimanjaro, but if you want a challenge then climb through the Machame route (also called the Whisky route). It will challenge you the whole way.

The main concern is here altitude sickness. If it gets you, then you have little will to enjoy the views. You’ll trek to Africa’s highest peak.

9 Bright Angel Trail, Arizona

Activities: Hiking
Hike length: 9.5 miles round trip
Best visiting time: March-May, September-November

Many people are injured and die on the trail. The temperature on this trail regularly reaches 110 degrees, resulting in a heat-related rescue of a minimum of 200 people each year.

With the entire trail, there are incredible views. The National park service strongly advises against doing this trail as a day hike. Mostly piñons and junipers trees you will see here, some of them are older than 100 years.

10 Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

Activities: Hiking
Hike length: 28 miles round trip (5-6 days)
Best visiting time: December to March

This hike is challenging but rewarding with waterfalls, jungle, ancient ruins, river crossing, and much more. Ciudad Perdida is relatively unknown to the hikers.

Ciudad Perdida is also known as a lost city. In the wet season (March-November), the trails become more slippery, and the Buritaca river waters will rise to your chest level, which makes the crossing trickier.

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