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camping essentials for women

35 Camping essentials for women

Camping in nature is a fun activity that not only relaxes but also makes us forget about our daily duties. You can camp in many states and national parks, in private campgrounds, in the forest, or even in your backyard.

We made a checklist of camping essentials for women because planning what to take on a camping trip is difficult, especially when you do not have access to the bathroom, electricity, food, and sometimes even water. As you become an experienced camper, you find that part of the fun is discovering what to bring to meet your needs.

Before you go camping

Select a suitable spot.

Do not drive to Palisades without some preparation. List some places you are interested in and list out their features. Some places allow both RV camping and tent camping, and some may require you to backpack instead of driving to the site.

Some other important things:

1. Does the campground need a reservation or not?
2. The campground has a potable water source or not?
3. Are dogs allowed on leash?
4. What’s the weather there?
5. Does the campground sells firewood and kindling?
6. Look at a map: Choose a site that has a nice view, next to a river or trailhead, or just close to the bathroom.
7. Talking about bathrooms, are there any? Pit toilets are like toilets, while full bathrooms can also have showers (many coin-operated). You don’t have these luxuries when backpacking or camping in the woods, so bring some ziplock bags to shit in. It is not a joke.
8. And please tell your near ones where you are going and must share directions of your chosen site so they can find if any miss happening occurs.

Checklist of camping essentials for women

1 Go Girl (Urination Device )

camping essentials forwomen

Feminine urinary devices help women to go to the bathroom by avoiding the need for squats. This may sound strange, but if you’ve ever been camping and you have to find a good place to squat, which is not covered in poison ivy, or been off balance and fell, You know it would be better to go standing. Make sure to bring wipes with you to make sure you keep it clean.

2 Wet wipes and hand sanitizer

hand sanitizer
wet wipes essential for camping

Sometimes when you camp deep in the forest, you have limited water. You do not want to use that limited water to clean your face, hands, and other parts of the body. So wet wipes and hand sanitizer are two items that you may not want to be without.

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3 Inflatable sleeping pad

sleeping pad for campimg

Since space and weight are a concern, you cannot always pack roll-up sleeping pads. These inflatable pads are lightweight and lift you just above the ground so that you cannot feel every rock, root, and bump below. Trust us, this is an item that will make your trip million times more comfortable and warm! It is a very important camping gear for women.

4 First Aid

camping essentials for women

Stay safe and ready for emergencies to make sure you have a first aid kit. Please make sure your doctor check before trying any new medicines. Know what you are allergic to and note down inside your emergency kit.

5 Bug Spray

bug spray

If you plan to camp somewhere in the backwoods where mosquitoes and insects can be a serious issue, do yourself a favor and bring some heavy-duty bug spray along to keep them at bay.

6 Sunscreen with plenty of SPF

sunscreen camping essential

Pack sunscreen with a high SPF (and reapply throughout the day) to protect against any bad burns.

7 Quick-dry towel

quick dry towel

A quick-dry towel or two will do the small job of drying the dishes (or if you go for a river swim). You don’t have to let it dry in the sun for hours before packing it. It comes with its carrying case and is available in many sizes.

8 Headlamp


If you only bring one flashlight, make it a headlamp for hands-free lighting.

9 Sleeping bag and pillow

camping essentials for women
camping essentials for women

We don’t think anything fancy is necessary but good to have compact, space-saving options.

10 Biodegradable soap

biodegradable soap

The soap you take to wash the dishes is equally necessary to ensure that you are doing proper leave-no-trace activities and are kind to the environment. Just a few drops provide a lot of interest for the cleanliness of the camp. Most excellent camping essentials for women.

11 Easy fire starter

easy fire starter

A lighter is the easiest way to start a fire, but it never hurts to carry an old-fashioned fire starter with you in case your lighter stops working or you run into an emergency. Even if you are a newbie camper, this fire starter is quite easy to use, in which you will have no problem.

12 Reliable tarp

camping essentials for women

A reliable tarp must be on any camping trip. Whether you need something to sit on, use as an extra layer under your tent, or use to shield your camp from an unexpected meltdown, this classic all-purpose tarp is definitely in the works. Choose the size according to your needs.

13 Folding camp table

folding camp table

The folding table is super lightweight and has luggage-style handles so it is easy to carry.

14 Camp chair

camp chair

Although it is not great for taking on long treks, it is ideal for sitting around a fire or near a car camping trip.

15 Moisture-wicking t-shirt

moisture wicking t-shirt

When you go on hiking and get wet with sweat, there is nothing worse than a cotton tee, which sticks to the skin. Instead, of a cotton tee wear a moisture-wicking t-shirt. The breathable fabric will help keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.

16 Quick-dry trail pants

quick dry trail pants

A good pair of trail pants should be water-resistant, sweat-soaked, come with UPF protection from harmful UV rays, have some stretch for comfort, and have two zip pockets.

17 Athletic shorts with zippered pockets

camping essentials for women

Lightweight, sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric, and zippered pockets. What else could you want in a trail short?

18 Breathable rain jacket

essential for women

Of course, you expect ideal weather conditions on any camping trip, but it is best to be prepared for rain or any other unexpected elements.

19 Wool socks

wool socks

Keep your feet happy with moisture-wicking wool socks mixed with nylon and elastic for comfort and fit. The soft bottom will keep you comfortable whether you are on a long hike or just hanging near your tent.

20 Baseball cap

baseball cap

A baseball cap is for keeping the sun off your face for a full day.

21 Athletic sandals

athletic sandals

It is important to have solid hiking boots on a camping trip, but it is also smart to bring a strong pair of sandals to wear around the camp. After a long day on the trails, your feet will also thank you for the alternative option.

22 Sunglasses

camping essentials for women

When picking sunglasses make sure that they are polarized and protect from UVA and UVB rays

23 Portable camp stove

camping essentials for women

A camp stove is another thing that you need to make your lunch at a table. Get a portable version of a stove that you will be able to store in your backpack.

24 Toilet paper

toilet paper

Toilet paper is a must because you will use it while going to the toilet. Take toilet paper and go somewhere where you have peace while doing your thing. It is clever to take a shovel with you so that you leave nature as it was, clean.

25 A temperature-controlled mug

temperature controlled mug

Before you go on a great adventure, it’s important to find a travel mug that can keep your drink warm or cool.

26 Portable solar charger

portable solar charger

To charge your devices (mobile, camera, etc.).

27 A easy-to-prep hot meal

essential for camping

We don’t want to sound sensational because we get it, it’s freeze-dried food. But time and time again, we have been surprised at how satisfying these just-add-water meals are.

28 Classic warm beanie

essential for women

Even during summer, many mountain camps can be cool in the evenings and early mornings, making the warm hat necessary any time of year.

29 Trash bags

camping essentials for women

Carry full-size ones as well as ziplock (for trash during hiking and/or inside the tent).

30 Cups, plates, utensils, etc

camping essentials for women

Your dish and cookware needs will vary. Cookware that nests in a small bundle. This means that you can serve a serious meal anywhere.

31 A handy pocket multitool

camping essentials for women

15 useful tools, wrapped in a pocket-size package. Best camping essential

32 Lightweight backpacking tent

camping essentials for women

If you are with a group, other members have the capacity for you in their tent if you are not ready then carry your tent. This is the checklist of camping essentials for women.

33 Female friendly backpack

camping essentials for women

A durable, lightweight pack that is carefully designed with women in mind. From contour shoulder and hip straps to adjustable to back panel suspension, this is the perfect multi-day adventure partner.

34 Water bottle

camping essentials for women

Hydration is key. You need a water bottle to fill the water and take it out on the trail.

35 Stake hammer

camping essentials for women

If you don’t want to roam around your campsite looking for a big rock. The stakes help to keep your tarp and tent in place and act as extra support if you are assembling a tent by yourself.

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